Bieri Is Better

Bieri is better than any other trucking company you'd want to work for. Our office staff is experienced, and they are dedicated to handling each load as if it were their own precious cargo.

When You Drive For Bieri,

you’re never really alone in the cab. Bieri’s team in the office is in constant communication with our OTR and local drivers. You will operate with ease since they precisely plan each trip, plus handle any changes that pop up during the route. Bieri carefully considers the specific needs of each driver and each load. The latest logistics technology keeps you prepared and attentive to the cargo at all times. Each flatbed driver is provided with appropriate tie-downs to keep them within FMCSA compliance.

At Bieri, we do everything we can to make the driver’s job easier. Our successful track record is built on the dependability of our team and willingness to go the extra mile. Choose Bieri and experience the difference.

Hear What Drivers Say…

“Bieri is a small company that cares about their employees and treats you like family. Excellent work environment.”

— Calvin H.

“I have been employed by Bieri Trucking since 2010. During my first year here, my family experienced a life-changing event. My son was in an accident that left him paralyzed, and I had to take a lot of time off work. I still needed to work enough to cover my insurance, but some weeks I could not work at all. Jim and Monica promised that we would work through it. And we did. Bieri is a very family oriented business, and I'm home every weekend. They get to know you and your family, and you're more than just another number.”

— Bill S.

“I have worked for Bieri Trucking/Grain for about 18 years. I've driven both over the road and local for them. They have been great about making sure I'm home when I need to be if I'm over the road. They provided a family friendly working environment and are very understanding of needing time off for family/personal medical reasons.”

— Sherdie "Buck"

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Are you an experienced driver looking for great pay? If you’re interested in hauling freight that pays better than just straight mileage, then driver-friendly Bieri Trucking is the place for you. Join the Bieri team today!